Born from my maiden name of Wolfendale (Little Wolfie) and childhood nickname Apple Cheeks, Wolf and Apple was formed to showcase my two passions in life: travel and design.

I hope you enjoy what you see on these pages!

Ali x

apple cheeks

Apple Cheeks are my own handmade designs inspired by my travels and the landscapes around me. The designs you see on this section of the site have all been hand drawn, designed and printed by me – many developed from original paper cuts. I love the process of making beautiful things from scratch, even though it can take me hours to do each piece! We are not about mass production but are focused on high quality, colourful, cosy and warm handmade designs which can be tailor-made for you.

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the wolf house

Having lived, worked and explored widely in Southern Africa, I have been inspired by the many young and creative entrepreneurs who are designing beautiful, quirky and contemporary products for the home. I wanted to create a platform to showcase their talent and demonstrate that it is not just ethnic, wooden carvings which come out of Africa, but there is a new generation of hugely talented designers with something to offer us all for our homes.

Working with small, niche and creative design teams I have ethically sourced these products to develop The Wolf House Collection and give you the opportunity to buy modern, colourful, African treasures to brighten up your home!

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